Start a Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Then, their skills are auctioned off to the highest bidder. Other than that, you’ll just need a few pooch-loving volunteers who aren’t afraid of getting a little wet. Like a car wash fundraiser, you can also partner with a local dog wash (many car washes have them) to make the logistics easier.
Hosting a freestyle day is a great way to raise money for schools with uniforms. Host days where kids can get out of their uniforms and into themed costumes for a small fee. Students can decide on a theme for each month to make it more fun, and the best dressed can even win prizes. non profit fundraising are one of the most popular – and delicious – ways to raise much-needed funds for schools. It’s also a great opportunity to get the parents involved and to show off their baking skills. You can combine a spelling bee fundraiser with a pledge campaign.
Not only will you and your supporters have a great time playing carnival games, you’ll also have ample opportunities to raise money for your cause. Choose from a range of local restaurants giving back near you and set the date. You could also order takeout if you prefer instead of dine-in for a covid-friendly fundraising idea.
Your association might want to raise money to build a new sports facility or a daycare center, or simply for school supplies. Perhaps they need funds for educational field trips or extracurricular activities. An ice cream social is a great small fundraiser for a class trying to raise some money. Charge a small entry fee and be sure to include a variety of flavors or toppings. You can even hold small competitions for things like tallest Sunday or most decorated banana split.
For younger children, it might be a good idea to make the event less focused on time or distance. Instead, consider setting up fun activities or obstacle courses at intervals with running in between. You should also meet with your group periodically, even if it’s a Zoom call.
Well, except the teachers, but that’s a problem for the PTA. Before you go, show your school spirit by hosting an online or in-person school store, selling nothing but school-related merchandise. From pens and notebooks to T-shirts and face masks, everything is branded with your school’s logo or decked out in your school colors. This one requires some upfront costs, but in the end, it can really pay off.
Parents will be grateful for the opportunity for a night out on the town and willing to pay a reasonable fee or donation to the school in return. An ice cream social is one of the most popular school fundraising ideas because there’s something almost everyone likes. Find some volunteers to set up, sell ice cream and clean up.