Small Sectional Low Profile & Deep Two-Piece Modular Sofa

The Abisko sectional sofa is the perfect excuse to lounge and unwind after a long day. With its plush and cozy design, you’ll be able to sink in and say goodbye to all your worries. Whether you’re reading a good book, binge-watching your favorite show, or just enjoying some alone time, the Abisko will be your new best friend.
You also have multiple fabrics and colors to choose from for a style that matches your living room or den. Instead of opting for a giant L-shaped sectional that’s going to take up the entire room, go for something with a smaller footprint. Cheap sectional couches come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, although U-shaped and L-shaped are the two most common. U-shaped sectionals usually offer more seating, so they’re great for larger rooms with more available floor space.
Consider a matching ottoman, end table or lamp for any small space sectional you buy. If you think your options are limited when you are furnishing a small space, think again. Streamlined designs make it easy to furnish any room, no matter the size of the room, so you do not have to miss out on any necessities that make your house a home. This sofa is designed to transform your living space into the perfect movie night spot – just add on the matching small footstool in mink to create a cinema style bed. Because it’s from Anthropologie, this couch is also more fashionable than other models. It comes in a rainbow of colors — including hard-to-find shades of yellow, pink and purple — though it’s also available in neutral tones.
Simple lines and neutral shades mean you can dress this up with throw pillows and blankets or just let it blend in with the rest of your decor. It might be the woven fabric and reversible cushions, or maybe the feather and fiber blend filling that makes the cushions that much more comfortable. Or, it could be the deep, wide seating that takes relaxation to another level. Designed for lasting comfort, HAY’s sofas and modular sectional sofas come in a wide range of fabrics and leathers. Tactile and luxurious, velvet sofas can turn a seating area into a real interior design feature. Investing in a velvet sectional sofa for your lounge will help you create a sumptuous and welcoming space your friends and family will love.
Since this sectional is made to order, it will take several weeks to ship, so we recommend planning ahead if you’re trying to time this couch delivery around a home move. Corner sofas tend to be a little larger than your standard sectional, merely because they require a little more legroom. But modular sectional couch allows you to arrange your couch in a corner, freeing up more room for other things.
One of our testers has had a BenchMade Modern sofa for more than five years, and he periodically rotates the cushions and washes the slipcovers. He said the couch is still “really comfy,” but he has noticed in the past two years that the cushions have started to compress and lose their ability to bounce back. “It tends to make the seat cushion cover look a little ruffled and loose,” he said. Survey the easiest points of entry into your home, together with any obstacles that could complicate delivery. A steep stairway, a narrow corridor, a low overhanging fixture, or a small elevator can all present insurmountable challenges. We found Room & Board’s How to Prepare for Furniture Delivery video particularly insightful for visualizing unforeseen obstacles.
Check out Coaster Furniture’s full selection of large and small sectional sofas for more inspiration before you buy. A sectional sofa is a type of couch that consists of multiple sections that can be rearranged to fit your space. Sectional sofas are usually larger than traditional sofas, making them perfect for spacious rooms or family gatherings. Because they come in multiple sections, they’re also easy to move around if you need to change the layout of your room.
We love how flexible this sectional is to adapt to any space and any preference. The plush and dense double-layer foam cushions come in your choice of six fabric upholstery options, all of which are stain-resistant and performance-rated. You can opt for a two-seater, a three-seater, or a three-seater plus a chaise, along with an upholstered, birch, or walnut base.
In retail stores, we’ve seen shoppers sitting like they’re upright mannequins, which is likely not the way they would sit or lie on them at home. If you tend to slouch, a daybed or sectional with a chaise will prove more comfortable and won’t disfigure cushions (over time, slouching presses the front of seat cushions outward). If you’re a couch napper, avoid sofas with multiple seat cushions, because they’re prone to buckling and dipping. Room & Board has been making this sofa since 1997, and there’s a reason it continues to be a customer favorite.