Fundraising Ideas for Everyone fundraiser companies for schools

Of course, not all of the ideas we’ve listed here only apply to kids of a certain age, or would work best if the kids are of a certain age. There are some easy fundraising ideas you can do in your school that apply to absolutely everyone. We’ve made a separate list of some of the best ideas here, so you can pick and choose the ones you want to go with activities divided up by age: fundraiser companies for schools

World Food Days

This could be a chance for your school to celebrate diversity and different cultures, while coming together over some delicious foods from around the world. You might consider asking students and their families to take part, or you could always reach out to local restaurants and other food vendors for sponsorship and assistance. Some information on each food item and the culture it comes from 

You can sell items individually or turn it into a ticketed event in which donors receive a lunch or dinner made up of different dishes from across the globe. Either way, everyone gets the chance to try something new and you get to decide which would be best to raise the most money.

Sponsored Clean-Ups

The environment is something everyone should be looking after, and what better way to do it than by getting as many people from your school together to do something proactive? Classes in primary schools and house groups in secondary schools, or volunteers from a signup sheet and their families in any location, can all come together to organise a litter collection. 

We should note that you’ll need to get this idea planned out a few weeks in advance; word will need to go out in your local community if you want local businesses and your local council to get involved and sponsor the event. It also gives volunteers from outside the school a chance to say that they want to join in on the day.

You will also need to pick a safe area to collect litter from, such as a local creek, park, or playground, and choose a day that you want to spend picking up litter and bits and pieces that can be recycled. If any local businesses getting involved sell food and drink you can even have a refreshment station to help raise money, while playing music to keep things interesting.

Giving back to your local area and raising money at the same time; what could be better?


A raffle is perhaps one of the most traditional ways to raise money for anything! It’s also one of the best, given that it’s quick, simple to do, and only needs you to get a prize, a few ticket books, and some volunteers to sell tickets. Choose an event to host the raffle in (maybe a local fête or another community event that allows your school to take part) and send your volunteers out to ask people if they’d like to get involved by buying a ticket. 

Alternatively, you can also host the raffle in-school and ask students if they or their families would like to buy tickets. Sell the tickets over a certain amount of time – a week, for instance – to see how close you get to your fundraising goal. If you only need a small amount of money to get where you want to be, this might be the way to get there.

Sports Days

At some point during the school year, you’re likely to have a Sports Day. But have you thought about adding in some extras to turn it into a fundraising idea? If you invite parents and guardians of pupils to come watch and to cheer on their children, why not charge a £1 entry fee? You can also set up stalls for snacks and refreshments to make a little bit extra.

Fun Runs

If you’ve already had your Sports Day, or even if you’re just interested in doing an activity with your pupils that raises money and gets them out and about at the same time, you can always schedule a Fun Run or a Fun Walk. An entire class can do it together, and each student can raise sponsorship for the amount of laps they do (of a Mile-a-Day Circuit or a Fitness Circuit, perhaps). If you’ve got smaller students doing this, they might even be up for turning it into a fancy dress run or walk, and you can bring in a little more money by hosting a fancy dress competition on the side and getting kids to pay £1 as an entry fee.