50 Creative Fundraiser Names for Schools

Encourage your employees to socialize and enjoy their refreshments by providing fun activities like trivia or karaoke during the event. Have employees vote with their dollars on who has the craziest hair. This will not only motivate the employees to go over the top with their styles, but will also allow you to pull in money for your organization. Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas might include a paper airplane toss, a coffee mug relay, an office chair race, or something outrageous like bubble soccer. Make sure to host an awards ceremony at the end to crown your champions. To earn extra money, sell snacks like cheese boards and gourmet chocolate to go with the wine.
Provide an after-hours tour of the facility, and perhaps a chance to feed a fish of their choice. A children’s book reading can be an excellent prize for a younger student. Allow the student to pick the book they want to hear, and arrange a time to have it read aloud by the author at the school library. Be sure to provide snacks and a signed copy of the book for the child and their friends they invite to participate.
While it’s important to do what’s tried and tested, quick fundraising also calls for experimentation and innovation. Simply choose a day of the month and then run the campaign on that day asking people to donate the exact same amount of money to your nonprofit (e.g. $20 on the 20th). Adjust the games depending on the age and preferences of your audience. Add a theme to make it more fun – ask people to dress up and have all your snacks and décor revolve around the theme. This unique idea can even be converted to a social distance-friendly fundraiser by hosting a virtual movie night via Netflix Party or a makeshift drive-in theater.
Set up donation boxes in front of each pot so supporters can vote with their dollars on which chili they like the best. While they can take months to plan, marathons can be excellent opportunities to generate more revenue for your nonprofit or charity to continue advancing your mission. A leisurely golf tournament is a great way to get to know some of the movers and shakers in your community and ask for their support for your charity or cause.
Organize a donation-based yoga class in an appropriate location (for example, a park). Set your class up for financial success by setting a ticket price, or strongly suggested donation. Organize a massive snowball fight and a fort-building competition, involving as much of your community as possible. Have participants form teams (e.g. one school competing against another, or one local business against another). You could also raffle off a few baskets with bigger ticket items.
Host a virtual buy-a-brick fundraiser and have people buy their bricks (donate to your church) online. To maximize your chances of success, use a professional auctioneer who specializes in fundraising auctions. An experienced fundraising auctioneer can more than double, even triple the funds raised.
Your supporters will enjoy welcoming in the Halloween season with all of these fall-themed activities. Memorial Day is a U.S. holiday that honors fallen military personnel and other loved ones who have passed on. Host a Memorial Day dinner by inviting a speaker to give a patriotic talk and providing an activity for people to honor their loved ones, like a balloon release. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration held on May 5 that celebrates Mexico’s victory over the French in an 1862 battle. To celebrate this history and Mexican culture, host a dinner on Cinco de Mayo that brings your community together.
A gift of [amount] will allow us to [the specific impact of a donation, tied to the campaign’s main purpose]. My name is [your name], and I’m part of the [your role – the school’s PTA, administrative team, teacher, etc.]. As a member of our community, we’d love to invite you to join us! However, we need some extra help to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. We here at [your organization] are so proud of our recent work to [provide a few details about your past initiatives], and we’d like to thank you for being a part of our community. However, you have to make sure your donation letter stands out.
This means your letter should start off by acknowledging that existing relationship. Past campaigns have enabled us to [provide an example or two of your organization’s impact]. As a nonprofit organization, though, we completely rely on community support.
For example, if your school decides to have three color stations – one station might be blue, one yellow, and one red. Or, you can allow your color throwers to use any color they choose. If your group plans on having multiple colors at a station, you will probably use more powder. A Color Run is a non-competitive Fun Run or running event where participants and observers throw brightly colored paint powder on the runners.